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I am just through with this fandom.




Dare to criticize a character or an actor/actress and you’re a fucking demon. Honesty and realism is worth nothing here. So long ASoIaF. I’ll watch and read you, but I am through with the other fans. They can kiss my ass for telling it like it is. 

But you weren’t telling it like it is. Sure, it’s a reality that women have to deal with all their lives, for the things that they wear- which you’ve clearly demonstrated here with a young girl. But instead of trying to change that, you perpetuated it.


You called a 16 year old girl jail bait. There was slut shaming all over that shit. Your language was rude as hell. And instead of admitting to the fact that the things you said were problematic, you back peddled and used your “sassy drag queen friends” as an excuse which in itself comes across as mega tokenising.

And in all honesty, with with the things you had to say about a young girl- your ass probably wasn’t wanted here any way.

It’s not called telling it like at is. That’s you being mean and participating in slut shaming.



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    FOUR FOR YOU, thesavagesalad! There’s yet another comment from the OP that I want to address, because it is an attempt...
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    You are told that something you said may have been problematic. Do you: A) Pause and check yourself and explore why...
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